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    Active power filter

    Active power filter

    Active power filter
    Active power filter,APF



          DOW series active power filter is a kind of real and effective harmonic control solution, using the most advanced active harmonic compensation technology, dynamic elimination of power grid harmonics. Real time detection of nonlinear load generated by the current waveform, the advanced FFT algorithm to analyze the harmonic part, and then through the IGBT inverter circuit output equivalent to the harmonic current, to offset the load harmonics, to ensure that the current from the grid to draw the sine wave, to achieve the harmonic filter.

          In addition, DOW series active power filter can provide advanced or lagging reactive current, to improve the power factor of the grid, to achieve dynamic reactive power compensation.

    Product technical features

    The dynamic active filter, improve power quality

    THDI is less than 5%, PF greater than 0.98, eliminating three-phase imbalance

    The governance of harmonics and reactive power

    1; the number of harmonic compensation can be selected, the highest can filter out the 51 harmonic

    2; the harmonic filtering rate is more than 98%

    3; closed loop control, automatic current limiting, put an end to overload

    4; short circuit, over current, over voltage, under voltage protection

    - efficient and reliable

    1; efficiency is high, load loss less than 2.5%

    2; 20KHz switching frequency, the dynamic response to the load changes

    3; German technology key device uses the original import

    4; event fault record query

    The intelligent control is simple

    32; 1 bit DSP digital control, 5.7 inches high definition Chinese color touch screen

    2; small size, easy to install; redundant design, easy to expand, up to 10 parallel operation (allowing different capacity)

    3; CT can be located on the side or the load side of the power, can choose the part of the compensation, part of the compensation or total compensation

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