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    Relationship between DoWin active power filter (APF) and medical safety and accidents
        Medical equipment and equipment caused by the injury of the patient is frequently occurred, so the medical equipment caused by medical malpractice cause to be highly valued and need to be deeply thinking and summary. Is simply the use of medical devices and equipment, improper use or after-sales service is not in place? Of course not!

       Hospital familiar machine such as CT, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to the portable microwave therapeutic instrument, ECG, EEG, infusion pumps and other are belong to the category of the medical devices. Most doctors are accustomed to relying on these devices for diagnosis and treatment. However, the public rarely knows that these medical devices in the use of hidden risks, and even life-threatening.

       Modernization of hospital medical equipment is more and more, and the accompanying, caused by the medical accident risk also increased significantly, many accident case disability fatal tragedy shocking. What is the reason causing frequent medical accidents and medical equipment? People will get sick, and equipment will be sick. The function of modern medical equipment is more and more rich in precision, the level of science and technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, equipment maintenance difficulty and operation complexity is also relatively large, any deviation or error operation can produce clinical diagnosis and treatment process of medical equipment failure, leading to the safety of patients.

       Everything needs to survive or use in a good environment, and we humans are not so much equipment. So what is the good environment for medical devices or equipment? That is power quality, only in good power environment. The benefits of active filters in medical applications?

       The reliability and power quality of power supply is directly related to the safety and normal working condition of the hospital. The power harmonics will directly result in the device synchronization and data errors. The common mode interference and the over current will cause the safety of the equipment. It will bring serious harm to the normal work of hospital electrical safety and medical and testing equipment. DoWin active power filter (APF) application in the medical field not only solves the problem of harmonics, but also can improve the level of diagnosis and treatment, reduce medical accidents to promote more close relationship between doctors and patients.
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