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    Active power filter (APF) to solve the problem of grid security and harmonic in photovoltaic power generation
       Do Win energy grid connected photovoltaic power generation new technology breakthroughs, back-to-back inverter system resonance generated body suppression scheme, the scheme is introduced by in 380V AC bus side to increase the resonant branch, and then change the equivalent impedance of the AC side, so as to restrain the equivalent impedance of the resonant. The resonance circuit installation. 380V/2*315V (1250kVA) three-phase three winding transformer is introduced into the LCR series resonant frequency characteristic curve, where the LC resonant frequency is set at 1.2KHz. The introduction of the resonant circuit makes the resonant peak of the original transfer function at the resonance frequency of the resonance frequency is effective. The active power filter (APF) is not only to solve the problem of the technical bottleneck and safety control of photovoltaic power generation, but also to improve the power quality to ensure that the THDI is less than 5%, and the PF is more than 0.98.

       The basic principle of the active power filter (APF) is to use the most advanced active harmonic compensation technology and to eliminate the power grid harmonics. Real time detection of nonlinear load generated by the current waveform, the FFT algorithm is divided into the precipitation of the harmonic part, and then through the IGBT inverter circuit output equivalent of the harmonic current, to offset the load harmonics, to ensure that the current from the grid to draw the sine wave, to achieve harmonic filtering. De Yin active power filter (APF) and provide advanced or lagging reactive current, to improve the power factor of the grid, to achieve dynamic reactive power compensation.

       Do Win energy technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprises in the energy sector, has always focused on the power quality management, power equipment and security system solutions.
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