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    Active power filter (APF) is helpful to save energy.
      Saving, environmental protection is an important development trend in the present society, it is to be able to better adapt to the trend of the times, most manufacturers will be in the production process of the introduction of this technology, creativity, and active power filter (APF) as a new device for most people, it is also introduced into the natural and functional.

      Active power filter (APF) is different from the passive power filter is the main point of the active filter can help users play a role in restraining harmonics and compensating reactive power, so that the product is able to help users make full use of power, so that every degree of power can be fully, reasonable use, and this is a great extent to help users achieve the purpose of saving power. Of course, this product also has a function is to be able to automatically limits the amount of current use, in many families will always be found this month will use more than a month, and so such a long period of growth, then inevitably will cause certain problems for our economy, so if you are able to power at home going with time to be suppressed, then will be able to power stability growth, helping the user to save a big sum of money.

      In addition, active power filter (APF) can also be parallel connection mode, then this way can make the products can also according to the different needs of users of different connection, can be said to be better able to meet the needs of production and life of human.
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