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    What are the advantages of active power filter (APF) technology
      Active power filter (APF) is a new type of power device which is used in most of the institutions and places. The market demand and the degree of heat can be seen in the power plant, which is better than other similar products. Here let us together to analyze it!

      First, low voltage switch to form a high level of converter. In the past the filter voltage switch and converter are all proportional to the high level of the converter, if you want to use low voltage switch, so the level of its structure is low, but this one is often limited by the use of material, and the active power filter (APF) is proportional to the composition mode, so that the low voltage switch can also constitute a high level converter, so that the material can be fully utilized, but also to help manufacturers in the production process can save a certain cost. Second, beyond the previous level of output mode, the output of three. Three levels of output can let the current through more channels, is utilized, so not only can improve the efficiency of the use of electricity, but also to avoid large flow caused by the power control of the power control equipment, so as to better protect the user's personal safety.

      Of course, the technology advantage of active power filter (APF) is that it can inhibit the occurrence of harmonics, it is also because of this, so the product is widely used in various occasions in life.
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