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    Do Win Energy Technology(Shang Hai) Co.,LTD.is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the energy sector, has always focused on power quality control, electrical equipment and security systems solutions, comprehensive mining applications and potential of electrical energy efficiency, power quality is a designer and practicing comprehensive management program person.
      Do Win Energy Technology(Shang Hai) Co.,LTD. R & D, design, sales, the main products are: Active Power Filter (APF), Static Var Generator (SVG), dynamic reactive power compensation and filtering devices (TSC, TSF), insulation materials. Widely used in automotive manufacturing, heavy machinery, petroleum, rubber (plastic) plastic, electronics, chemical, railway subway, intelligent buildings, hospitals, municipal, steel, cement, water, tobacco, electricity, telecommunications, banking, paper, semiconductor, etc. nearly 30 industries.
      Do Win Energy Technology(Shang Hai) Co.,LTD. by the number of highly qualified senior industry elite formation, the introduction of Germany's leading technology and sophisticated testing equipment. Companies adhering to the "charity, social commitment" business philosophy, bear in mind: the virtuous innovation, win-win Fung Yin. We will strengthen the school-enterprise cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University, with advanced technology, reliable products and quality service for our customers cost-effective safety escort! To maintain the natural, naturally contribute to the achievement De Yin people!